Mobile Life is a Bristol based IT, web design and consultancy company offering the highest quality professional support to small and medium businesses as well as corporations and public sector clients.

The company provides a wide range of specialised services, all conducted using highly experienced staff. Mobile Life principally operates at the more technical side of systems implementation and consultancy.



We conduct design and implementation projects in a wide range of software technologies – though we have established a centre of excellence in the use of Open Source and Open System technologies.

Projects are primarily in the field of web application portals for web users and mobile/ tablet users and cater for a few hundred up to several million users. We have experience in designing systems architecture to robustly handle any level of user traffic.

We are experienced in analysing the capabilities of clients existing systems and integrating new and existing with minimal disruption.


We have extensive experience designing API's particularly enabling mobile apps and services such as: 

  • XML APIs
  • APIs supporting backend as a service
  • Calling APIs from PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript
  • API Authentication
  • API Security
  • Social network APIs
  • Content synchronisation


We offer a range of business focussed IT consultancy services designed to help you identify and quickly handle the IT issues your business might face or to set up and run your own in-house systems function including:

  • Security audits
  • Design audits
  • Review of existing suppliers to ensure they are providing expertise in key areas
  • Audit of data storage, security and backup processes
  • Systems key performance indicators
  • Setting up an in-house IT function